Building Relationships with the Lost

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Our October DTS is back from their outreaches! This quarter we sent our Kingdom Come DTS to India, Pilgrimage DTS to Vanuatu and Nepal and Justice Movement DTS to Vanuatu.

Here are a few stories about how God has been moving in the nations through relationship.

Meghan, Kingdom Come DTS in India:
I came into outreach being skeptical that the Lord would use me to heal anyone. I believed in healing, but never thought I would be someone He would use as a vessel. I felt unqualified and unworthy due to the sin in my past. One night, I found myself in the Red Light District, Sonagatchi. I was given the opportunity to pray for women, I realised I was all by myself – usually I would pray with others. I was immediately filled with doubt and unbelief. However, I decided to just step out and pray forher back which was in pain. I prayed for it three times and on the third time, she was completely healed! In that moment, I had a revelation of more than just Jesus healing the sick…I realised that God saw me as valuable, worthy and had given me the authority to carry out the family business of healing, because I was a daughter. This has been such a journey throughout my DTS – to reclaim myself as a daughter. It was a beautiful two-fold event that not only healed someones physical pain, but also my heart.

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Jess, Pilgrimage DTS in Nepal:
One day,we did a school program a 30 min walk from where we were staying. On the way back, a believer invited us to pray at her house. She was having demonic attacks in the house at night and her son wasn’t following God anymore. We prayed and I was able to share my own testimony of deliverance from oppression and how God brought me back after I ran from Christianity. To see the hope and courage come back in her eyes as I shared my heart as well as her removing the Hindu posters in her doorway was absolutely worth the whole time we were there.



A Word From Marine Reach

Marine Reach was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand. Since its inception we have had over 900 international students attend our DTS courses, taking God's love and healing to the nations. Marine Reach has served over 300,000 in the Asia Pacific regions, and hopes to reach our goal of 1 million people served by 2020 through our ships, volunteers, students and partner ministries.

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