Cover to Cover DTS PLUS Fees Breakdown

Breakdown of Fees for
Cover to Cover DTS PLUS Program

Separately, the Cover to Cover DTS and the DBS cost $9,990 and $4,990 respectively, and the Staff Placement Boarding cost is $840 for 6 weeks, bringing the total to $15,820 NZD.

However when you sign up for the Cover to Cover DTS PLUS you will save $1420 off the total cost, bringing it down to $14,400!

No further discounts or scholarships apply. Please enquire for the Payment Schedule and Refund Policy for Cover to Cover DTS PLUS.

**Please Note: The criteria for receiving the $1420 discount is that you have to apply for and complete the Cover to Cover DTS, as well as participate in the Staff Placement in between your Cover to Cover DTS and the Discipleship Bible School. If you complete a different DTS Stream with Marine Reach in the January quarter preceding the DBS you wish to attend and participate in the Staff Placement, you can still enter the PLUS Program. Your discount will be the same. If you do not participate in the Staff Placement, you may not be eligible for receiving the full discount of the DTS PLUS Program.