Endless Hunger – A Poem

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My weary, dry bones cry out for your covering,
For the life they in their own power could never birth.
Flesh on my bones,
Breath in my lungs,
My exhale a cry for more,
My inhale a suffocated man’s freedom.

Wrap yourself around me as a covering,
As a tunic pure as snow for me, the offering
And the pores of my dry soul open,
to receive your Presence as a token
From my lover, who will come once more
At last, to bring me home in His perfection.

Please, be fast in your coming,
The days of late are waning in pain and sorrow,
And tomorrow seems more chore than the hope
Of heavenly shores- I’m hungry, but too tired to eat
Decaying in the endless loop of mental defeat

Breathe life into the deathly corners,
Where men have scorned and fear has hid;
Take off the lid that chokes my flame,
Or the labels which have overgrown my name-
Their games are over, my life’s begun,
And I haven’t the time for petty things like lies and pride and anger.

Now I’ve given you permission to be my garden’s manager
On a mission to create something beautiful and pure,
That my allure would be the sight of your face,
Because you’ve erased all the rest to leave only the best-
Which was only ever yours all along.

Songbirds welcome back and paint
Lyrics of peace and of joy being released.
I’m transfixed to the sound of Home;
Your feet hit the ground and I hear running
From hills that laugh with your coming.

To know you is to be free, and for me,
One glimpse in your eyes would fully satisfy
What I’ve hungered in vain for in this shadowland-
Seeking the touch of your hand in the roughest sands
I had wandered through deserts seeking oasis
When all along I was made for rivers of glass and
The Purest garden that would never pass.

You’re running my way and nothing could stop you,
I gaze at your coming, watching the earth around you
Be made new.

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