Forgiveness: An Open Door for Jesus to Heal

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Outreach Testimony!

On my team’s first day of outreach in Vanuatu, we heard about something called the healing waters, which were an area of water blessed by the Holy Spirit. People from every island of Vanuatu were coming with the expectation of being healed. When we arrived, we found over 250 people sitting in pools of water by the ocean, crowded around one of the other YWAM teams. We joined them in front of the crowd, and each member of my team had the opportunity to preach a message and share the loving, healing story of Jesus.

As I got up to speak and lead worship with this expectant group of people, I gave a small testimony about forgiveness, and the power of healing behind it in my own life. My team began to spread among the crowds and sit in the pools with the people and  listen to their stories and pray with them. One woman caught my eye; She was sitting with her head dropped in shame, alone in the pools, separate from the rest of the crowd. I sat with her in silence and held her hand for a while, and her quiet voice whispered “nam blo mi Mary, mi gat cancer lo ful up bodi blo mi” (My name is Mary, I have cancer throughout my body).

With tears in her eyes, I began to pray for her, and as I did so, God gave me His loving, father’s heart that broke for her. I asked that the Lord would touch her life and reveal to her the deepest hurts that He wanted to heal within her. With tears now freely pouring down both of our faces, she whispered in her quiet, shame filled Bislama that her husband had been cheating on her for 20 years of marriage, and when he was not out with other women, he was beating her. She told me that she had hated him for so many years, and that it was slowly killing her.

I asked her if she wanted to forgive him, and give to him the same free, precious grace that the Lord had extended to her, and free herself from the jail she had been locked in. She said yes, and as she repeated my prayer of repentance and forgiveness, her head that had been dropped in shame, anger, and fear began to lift. For the first time in the 20 minutes we had been sitting in water together, she looked into my eyes.

With freedom shining out of her face she told me that her pain was gone. She stood out of the water dancing, and gave me a hug, praising Jesus; The one who had taken her out of pain and hopelessness. The physical healing of her disease-ridden body was miraculous, but to see the God of Hope bring a girl from America to a small island in the South Pacific, just show His love to Mary, changed my whole life.

-Claire Hodgkins, Medical Compassion DTS Staff


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A Word From Marine Reach

Marine Reach was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand. Since its inception we have had over 900 international students attend our DTS courses, taking God's love and healing to the nations. Marine Reach has served over 300,000 in the Asia Pacific regions, and hopes to reach our goal of 1 million people served by 2020 through our ships, volunteers, students and partner ministries.

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