Medical Compassion DTS PLUS Fees Breakdown

Breakdown of Fees for
Medical Compassion DTS PLUS

Separately, the Medical Compassion DTS and the IPHC cost $10,490 each and the Ministry Staff Internship is $840 for 6 weeks, bringing the total to $21,820.

However when you sign up for the Medical Compassion DTS PLUS you will save $3420 off the total cost, bringing it down to $18,400!

No further discounts or scholarships apply. Please enquire for the Payment Schedule and Refund Policy for Medical Compassion DTS PLUS.

**Please Note: The criteria for receiving the $3,420 discount is that you have to apply for and complete the Medical Compassion DTS; if you complete a different DTS with us you can still enter the PLUS Program. Your discount, in this case, will then be $1,920 off the total cost, bringing it down to $19,900 NZD.