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We’re almost at Outreach phase for our July 2016 DTS. With two weeks left of lecture phase and then our DTS will split into seven teams that are getting ready to conquer Vanuatu and Hollywood! Over the last few weeks, we’ve had several diverse topics such as Identity and Calling, Relationships and Freedom and Deliverance. At initial glance, these topics seem dissimilar in nature – however I believe it’s a beautiful union of all three that will allow us as a ministry to be well equipped on Outreach. It’s through strengthening relationships with individuals, communities and nations that we will be able to partner with God to release freedom and breakthrough, therefore being able to launch these precious children of God into their callings and destinies in Christ!
Our Prayer and Passion team is heading to Hollywood. We are sending the other six teams to outer islands of Vanuatu; Aneityum, Tanna, Pentecost, Tongoa, Espiritu Santo, Malekula and Ambrym! We aim to liaise with our Advanced teams and our ship M/V Pacific Hope who have been in the Islands since March, building relationships with local villages, government authorities and aid organisations. In past outreaches, we’ve been able to work with local schools and hospitals to educate local communities on a variety of topics from English, Christianity and Public Healthcare.  We’ve also worked with government aid authorities to build community projects such as water tanks and housing. Our teams like to unite both “tent-making” skills with building relationships to give a holistic approach to spreading the gospel, therefore being the hands and feet of Jesus. This quarter we carry the same vision of partnering with God in what He is already doing in each community, but we want to extend our tent pegs and spread our foundations further – Isaiah 54.  We as ministry staff are so excited to see how God is going to move this season and will be partnering with our DTS Outreach in prayer as they do the frontline work – stay tuned for outreach testimonies!
In other news, the ministry centre staff team are preparing for our October quarter with the launch of TWO brand new schools to accompany the Pilgrimage DTS – Kingdom Come and Justice Movement! Details are already up on the website – check out this link if you want to know more – The people leading these schools have been with the ministry for a number of years and carry rich wisdom, experience and a heart to see the South Pacific encounter God. We are so excited for the outworking of what has been God’s inspiration. I have a feeling this New Zealand Spring will also be a spiritual Spring time for the ministry, as new things pioneered will begin to shoot up and blossom.

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