New Years Update!

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As the lecture phase of the October DTS comes to a close, we are excited to be commissioning our four outreach teams to the nations of Vanuatu, Nepal, and India. All week the teams have been preparing skits and songs for ministry and evangelism around the world. We are so proud, and amazed at the change that has occurred in each student’s life in their time here at the base. Now to put what they learned in the classroom into practice.

Two of the teams have left for Vanuatu already with the remaining teams leaving Tuesday and Wednesday. So excited for what God has in store for these teams on outreach, we pray that each team would be unified in one spirit, one God, and one unit, serving the kingdom.

We are saddened to watch them leave, however we are so excited and anticipating the many stories of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and his hand at work in the nations.

Vanuatu, Justice movement DTS:16010187_1356024837780927_2095292650_o

The justice movement stream will be working with our other half of the ministry in Vanuatu, The FCC (family care center).

India, Kingdom come stream:15995703_1356019544448123_2055842622_n

The Kingdom come stream have arrived in Kolkata, India this week settling in. Shopping for local clothes, as well as getting supplies for the rest of their journey in India.

Vanuatu, Pilgrimage stream:15991804_1356024751114269_1862346929_o

The Pilgrimage stream has travelled to Vanuatu as well, and they are settling in to Grace house in Port vila. they will be heading out to the islands of Ambrym and Santo.


The Nepal team left yesterday with eager hearts with anticipation to serve and build on the foundations of previous ministry that we have done in the past.


In other news we are preparing for the January 2017 DTS. As we start staff training for the upcoming school in two weeks, staff is being encouraged by the leaders of the ministry in areas such as Leadership, Faith and Finance, honor, love, and value for God others and yourself. As well as standing in the gap. The 2017 staff team, pictured below, is so excited for this next season at the base and can’t wait for the students to arrive in the heat of summer.


Its warming up around here, with daily trips to swim in the waterfall, and the beach, summer is officially under way! Break out the slip and slide and your sunny’s because summer has arrived.





A Word From Marine Reach

Marine Reach was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand. Since its inception we have had over 900 international students attend our DTS courses, taking God's love and healing to the nations. Marine Reach has served over 300,000 in the Asia Pacific regions, and hopes to reach our goal of 1 million people served by 2020 through our ships, volunteers, students and partner ministries.

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