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Last Thursday night was a night set aside to celebrate the graduation of our thirty-five, July 2016 DTS students.  We heard amazing stories as the students who had spent 12 weeks building and investing in their own relationship with God, were teaching and witnessing to others how to take religion and replace it with relationship.

From the school were 7 outreach teams that were sent to the nations of Vanuatu, and America. During the 7 weeks of outreach phase, collectively they directly contacted over 6716 people, witnessed 779 healings, signs, wonders, and miracles, and they saw 124 people give they’re lives to Christ! Praise God! The 7 teams also passed out over 250 water filters, and 658 bibles translated to Bislama, the official language of Vanuatu.



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The prayer and passion outreach team that went to America, visited Hollywood, California. They got to partner with many organizations that do ministry there. Jayvin, a student in prayer and passion, was able to minister to a man he thought he would never be able to see again.


We were staying in Hollywood LA and it was our last chance to visit Steven who we had connected with at a Halfway House (rehab centre) just off the Hollywood Boulevard about a month earlier. We had been trying to contact Steven for the last week now with no luck, so Jonny, Holly and I decided to give it one last go and just walk to the Halfway House and see if we could find him. I had a lot of doubts because I knew that the house had a lot of security, given that a lot of the Men there were on parole or recovering from drug abuse. So we arrived at the house and hit the buzzer at the front gate, it was unlocked for us and we were able to walk into the front office and asked for Steven. The man at the front desk had no idea who he was, telling us that he can’t promise that he even still lives here. As we were waiting to see if the man could find Steven in the records, a man who had been standing beside us stepped away and standing right there is Steven. God had miraculously allowed us o find him again and we were given the opportunity to minister and pray for him for over an hour. We later found out that we had come to the halfway house outside of visiting hours, so we weren’t even allowed to be in the House at the time. Steven was blown away that we cared about him and returned to see him after meeting him only once over a month prior. He is really seeking God and hoping to turn his life around after making some bad decisions in the past.

~ Jayvin Abrahams

The other outreach teams traveled to our pacific neighbor, Vanuatu. Our medical teams were able to set up clinics and provide medical supplies to the villages that otherwise don’t have access to. Sometimes, however, God wants to heal their heart as well as their wounds.



Our team was in East Santo, in Vanuatu, and we walked to the house of a man named Jeffro.  As soon as he saw us, he welcomed us to come and sit with him and his wife, Susan. We talked, and he told me about his son and how it hurt his heart to see him not living a life completely following God. So we prayed together, and as he prayed, even though I did not understand all that he was saying, what he spoke resonated in my spirit, I could feel the longing he had for his son to come home and even more than that the faith that he had in God and the faith he had that our prayers as we prayed together would be answered. As I continued to talk to his family, the joy that Jeffro had in his heart began to infect mine, I felt the presence of God close to me and I felt the faith inside of my heart rising. I noticed as I looked into his old man’s eyes that they were clouded, and so asked how his vision was. “Ahh no good I can’t read I have glasses but they are not very good.” I responded by saying, “Jeffro would I be able to pray for your eyes? I believe God is a God who heals.” This faith filled man of course agreed and I prayed for him, after praying for him I handed him my bible, which had small print, and asked him to see if it was clearer than before. He said yes, it was clearer, but still not clear enough to read. God is not a God who does thing half way. As I told him this, he replied with “I have faith.” I prayed again. Still his vision was not completely clear, but I had a feeling that I would see him again tomorrow and his vision would be completely restored. After his family shared a pineapple with us, we went on our way. The next day came and we were running a physio session. I noticed Jeffro in the corner sitting under a tree and asked him how his eyes were. “Oh well they are all better! This morning I went to our 4am prayer meeting but when I got there, I realised I had forgotten my glasses, I opened my hymn book, and I could read it without them.” Praise God for He is good and all-powerful. He can restore a man’s sight because He gives good gifts; it is not at all about me but all about His name being praised and His children knowing His deep, deep love.

~ Abi Lycett, England, Medical Team 2, July 2016








A Word From Marine Reach

Marine Reach was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand. Since its inception we have had over 900 international students attend our DTS courses, taking God's love and healing to the nations. Marine Reach has served over 300,000 in the Asia Pacific regions, and hopes to reach our goal of 1 million people served by 2020 through our ships, volunteers, students and partner ministries.

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