Prepare The Way

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During a recent outreach, Medical Compassion team 2 had the opportunity to go to the Island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. The name of the island translated from Spanish is Holy Spirit. When Captain Pedro Fernandes de Quiros discovered Vanuatu and landed on the island, he claimed it in the name of Jesus Christ.

The team spent twenty-four hours on the Vanuatu Ferry before meeting with their contact. As they waited for their truck to arrive he told the story of how Santo received its name. As he was sharing with us, one of the students heard God say, “Darkness has taken the island claimed in my name, and the time has come where I will take it back.” With that the team knew that they would be doing spiritual warfare throughout their time in Santo.

Although, they had not expected it to be as much as it was. The entire team was looking forward to pouring into the two villages. When they got to the place where they were staying they found out that the two villages they were supposed to be hiking between were both shut off to outsiders because they were either in mourning or preparing for a wedding. So the team was confused, as they knew that God had called them to this place and to these people. The spirit led leaders went back to ask the Lord what He wanted the team to do since He called them there. They received a word to ‘prepare the way’, both spiritually and physically. So they made a plan to do worship every night and simply praise the name of the One True King. One of the girls on the team also got a word about doing a twelve hour prayer burn. The next day they found out the people of that area really needed help to prepare a way for the road to continue closer to the village they were staying in. By the third day the atmosphere broke and you could feel the light flooding into the area and the team bush walked a good portion of the jungle down to get the road closer.

It was amazing to see how God knows perfectly what is going on even when we don’t. Even when we think things should have gone one way and they don’t, but God isn’t surprised. His plan will still be fulfilled whether you know how it is going to happen or not. He is faithful and will never fail at what He wants to do.

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