Real Prayers get Real Answers

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Real prayers get real answers.

God always answers our prayers. Whether we realise it or not He hears them and acts on them, however, often His answer is something we are not always expecting. For quite sometime now my prayers have been prayers of asking God to take me deeper into his heart, to grow my faith and to help me become completely dependant on him. I’ve realised all that is worth anything in this world is intimacy with Him. What I didn’t realise is that He would answer these ways in such a way.

Being taken deeper means embracing greater surrender, growing faith comes as a result of being in situations where everything you are believing for is impossible, becoming completely dependant means being thrown into the deep end where all you know is Him and with every challenge you have no other option but to go to him for the solution. These places are not easy places to be, they are painful. When you need $900 tomorrow for outreach fees otherwise your not getting on that plane, and you have exhausted every and any possible source of support, and the enemy is whispering into your ear “He comes through for everyone else but He won’t come through for you. You didn’t try hard enough, you didn’t do enough, you are just not good enough,” the first thing you think tends not be thank you Jesus for growing my faith. But when tomorrow comes and God gives you not just $900 but $1000 so you can get that water bottle, sleeping mat and granola bars you also really wanted; you realise your faith in Him, trust in Him, knowledge of his goodness just increased 10 fold. And all you can do is praise and thank him over and over for growing your faith. And every lie and scheme on the enemy is forced out by the explosion of light and truth in your heart.

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭30:5

I’m learning that the toughest situations are the ones that draw you closest. As you see God come through for you time and time and time again, you can not help but begin to understand more of the everlasting love he has always had for you. And that love begins to draw you into in to his heart more and more. It works like any other friendship. A friend you only ever celebrate and are happy with is a great friendship but it only goes so deep. A friend has been gone through hardship and trouble with you and stayed by your side and wept with you through it all, that is a deeper friendship. A friendship where you are free to be truly yourself, raw and vulnerable, a friendship where trust runs deep, a friendship where you are fully known. It’s the same with God. When you are in those times of desperation and deep sorrow, yet you feel his presence around you and in you, holding you and comforting you, you feel his safety and security, his love and even his joy. That’s when I truly realised – not just in my mind with words, but in my hearts with conviction – He loved me with all of his heart, and when I wept he wept with me and I know no matter what happens no matter even what I do he will never leave me or forsake me. Knowing that truth and being set free by that truth far out ways the pain and sorrow that I felt. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,” Romans 8:28 No matter what impossible situation you are in, no matter how deep the pain. Call on him and he will answer, he will draw close to you and comfort you. He will come through every time because faithful is who He is and He can not deny himself. And when you get through it, I know you will be better for it.

A Word From Marine Reach

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