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Lectures: 20 July 2020 - 9 October 2020
Outreach: 10 October 2020 - 4 December 2020
Lectures: 19 October 2020 - 08 January 2021
Outreach: 09 January 2021 - 05 March 2021


Lectures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$5,995NZD NZD

Outreach. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$4,495NZD NZD

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Picture yourself going into an Island village giving away – for the first time - new Bibles in their local language! …or going to bring the message of hope and good news! Jesus commissioned us to GO and MAKE disciples in all parts of the world. Go Pacific DTS follows that call and goes into the South Pacific to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ, and actively disciple a nation. You will experience the rich Pacific culture and discover God’s love for the people. Will YOU answer the call to “GO”?

The Go Pacific DTS is your opportunity to give your all and go after God’s heart with everything you have. You’ll go deeper with God than you ever thought possible as you explore His very heart for the people of the South Pacific. We’re looking for people who are willing to live an adventurous life with God, going beyond what’s familiar, even when it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient; people who want to joyfully surrender to Him, carrying His heart for the nations; people who are hungry to know God, and to make Him known.


On the first three months of the DTS, you will dig deep into God’s Word, spending time in His presence, exploring who He really is, and how captivating His character is. You will also spend time learning about the rich culture of the South Pacific Islands, learning songs, dances and basic language skills for your upcoming outreach location, and joining in some exciting activities.

The DTS will start off with a pōwhiri, which is a Māori welcoming ceremony involving speeches, singing, and finally the hongi (a traditional Maori greeting in which people press their noses together), which you will be a part of. You will definitely not want to miss out on these activities: CULTURAL NIGHTS which are a fun evening of food, fellowship and dance, an overnight MARAE STAY, reaching out to the LOCAL ISLANDERS in our community. There may also be the opportunity to weekly be involved with a PACIFIC-NATION YOUTH GROUP, and a mid lecture phase outreach trip to South Auckland (known as the Polynesian capital of the world).

You will be MOVED as you see how God’s glory shines through the Islanders, beautifully displaying His nature and character. In order to effectively reach out to Islanders you will also learn more about the different spheres of society, the biblical Christian worldview, and how the message of Christ is applicable to every TRIBE, NATION, and TONGUE.


Following your three-month lecture phase, you will go on a two-month outreach to the South Pacific where the Love that found you will compel you to do anything and everything to preach the message of Christ and Him crucified. Imagine landing on a small grass airstrip with your team, ready to make a lasting impact. You may preach the gospel from a pulpit on a stage, or you may preach the gospel using a saw, hammer, concrete trowel, maybe even a soccer ball, but the message will come across LOUD and clear: the God of heaven SEES, KNOWS, and LOVES!

Get equipped to share the gospel, regardless of the audience, breaking free of fear, shame and doubt. Allow love to motivate all that you do, moving out of passivity and beyond excuses! Do you want to see the world through God’s eyes, watching as His Word and His ways bring true transformation to nations? JOIN US as we answer the call to “GO”!

Please Note: All of our DTS's join together weekday mornings for combined lectures, worship, and intercession. The main lectures cover topics like Hearing God's Voice, Relationships, the Nature and Character of God, and the Holy Spirit, to name a few. Normally in the afternoons throughout the week, each individual school will have specific focus groups, also known as streams. The streams are tailor-made to focus on each school theme. For example, the Go Pacific DTS will cover specifics having to do with culture, traditions, and life in the Pacific Islands.
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Below is an overview of what could be covered in our weekly streams:

1. Introduction - Going deeper
◦ Commitment to walking towards transformation and discipleship
◦ Goals for students during lecture phase and outreach
◦ Owning the vision of the team and carrying it
◦ Creating a sub-culture of the stream

2. Pressure and Practice (Unity)
◦ How to handle pressure and still produce under it
◦ Being effective and strong in the midst of a storm
◦ Unity in diversity
◦ Team bonding

3. Fear of God
◦ What is the Fear of the Lord? What is it not?
◦ What Happens when we walk in the Fear of the Lord?
◦ How revelations of His holiness change and transform our lives
◦ The deep intimacy we walk into at the realization of His holiness

4. History of Missions & Island Culture
◦ How the gospel was brought about in the islands
◦ Understanding the foundations of christianity in the islands
◦ Learning how to effectively share the gospel that will encourage relationship rather than religion

5. Cross Cultural Issues
◦ Culture defined
◦ Cultural differences and similarities
◦ Culture shock and expectations
◦ Culture stereotyping

6. Connecting across Cultural and Linguistic boundaries
◦ God’s gifts of sports, music, art and drama
◦ How the love of God can bridge any differences
◦ Learning the language basics of where you will minister
◦ Ethnocentrism - one of the greatest barriers in cross cultural missions

7. Callings and Spheres of Society
◦ Learning about the spheres of society
◦ Recognizing our CALL to GO to all spheres of society
◦ Which areas do we carry strengths, gifts and talents in
◦ Empowered to use our gifts and talents in different spheres of society

8. Community Transformation
◦ Understanding that God is the one that transforms nations
◦ How can we partner with God in the process of transformation
◦ The impact we make in the small and how it is part of a bigger picture

9. Biblical Worldview
◦ Understanding what biblical world view is
◦ Studying the different world views we can see
◦ Importance of knowing the biblical world view when sharing the gospel
◦ How people see God through the different worldviews

10. The Gospel & Evangelism
◦ Seeking revelations of the cross
◦ Understanding what Jesus did and what He walked in
◦ Learning to share the gospel while being effective. ( 1 Pet 3:15)
◦ Different styles of evangelism and what that looks like in different cultures


◦ Pōwhiri ceremony
◦ Cultural Nights
◦ Islander Community Night
◦ Youth Group Involvement
◦ Lectures and outreach in South Auckland
◦ Spending a night in a marae (traditional Maori meeting house).

*These activities may differ school to school

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