Medical Compassion DTS



Lectures: 20 July 2020 - 9 October 2020
Outreach: 10 October 2020 - 4 December 2020
Lectures: 19 October 2020 - 08 January 2021
Outreach: 09 January 2021 - 05 March 2021


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This school is for those who have a heart of COMPASSION for showing God's love to people through serving and caring for those in need. The Medical Compassion DTS teaches primary healthcare skills in medical missions, and then gives the opportunity to REACH OUT IN COMPASSION to bring healing to those hurting both medically and spiritually. We welcome those skilled and unskilled including medical professionals, students taking a gap year in medical studies, or those who just want to try it out!

Why just stay for one school? Following your DTS, stick around for our Second Level Medical School, the School of Primary Health Care (SPHC). Now, you can combine your Medical Compassion DTS experience with the SPHC in a year-long discounted program we've called Medical Compassion DTS PLUS!


After the regular DTS classroom time in the morning, a special “stream” is run once a week in the afternoon teaching a special course called "Basic Skills for Medical Missions”. The goals of this stream are to enable students to have a broad awareness of current medical needs in developing countries, and to equip them with general medical skills, so they can participate in various clinics and/or demonstrate COMPASSION with medical knowledge and practice.

Subjects which are covered may include: Antenatal and Childbirth, Paediatrics, Patient Assessment, Chronic Diseases (Hypertension and Diabetes), Hygiene/Infection Control, Skin Infections, Wound Care, Health Education, Emergency Childbirth, Tropical Diseases, Common Dental Conditions, Common Eye Conditions, and Nutrition. Qualified healthcare professionals will teach the course, which is designed to give non-professionals basic medical skills* that can be used on outreach. In addition, students become first-aid certified. For more information click on the CURRICULUM tab above.

The Medical Compassion DTS also serves as a platform for medical professionals and non-professionals to join our Marine Reach Medical Department with short and long term opportunities for service both on and off our medical ship, the M/V Pacific Hope or the Family Care Centre. If you have a heart for mercy and for those who suffer, this is YOUR stream.

*Basic Skills for Medical Mission does not replace a professional course (eg. Medicine, Nursing, EMT).


Students will have the opportunity to reach out in compassion during Outreach to the needy in developing nations of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. There may be opportunities to assist people medically through DENTAL, OPTICAL, PRIMARY HEALTHCARE and TRAUMA CARE, but most often our teams find themselves reaching out in ways that mean just as much, like cleaning up after a NATURAL DISASTER, or helping out with FEEDING THE POOR and sharing the LOVE of Jesus with the destitute. We do our best to have a medical component to our outreaches, but we are just as thrilled when we can help people and show them compassion in other ways as well.

Depending on your outreach location, you might get to work along-side our medical professionals, ministering and serving at Marine Reach's Family Care Centre in Vanuatu. This ministry is aimed at bringing transformational community development through primary healthcare, health education, spiritual education, teacher training, and much more.

Perhaps your team will partner with other ministries pioneered by Marine Reach in South East Asia or the Pacific Islands:
The Ruel Foundation Philippines
Mercy Link Philippines
◦ Marine Reach Ministries in The Fiji Islands

Philippians 2:1-4 "Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others."


Now, you have the opportunity of continuing your YWAM University of the Nations study with YWAM Marine Reach's brand new Second Level School, the Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC) which runs in April every year. This is a cornerstone school in YWAM, and will further train you to bring lasting transformation to the broken and the needy of our generation through Christ-like primary healthcare. As a part of this school's outreach, you will have the chance to travel to a developing nation to apply the skills you have learned, showing God's heart through your hands. See the IPHC school's page for more information.

Please Note: All of our DTS's join together weekday mornings for combined lectures, worship, and intercession. The main lectures cover topics like Hearing God's Voice, Relationships, the Nature and Character of God, and the Holy Spirit, to name a few. Normally in the afternoons throughout the week, each individual school will have specific focus groups, also known as streams. The streams are tailor-made to focus on each school theme. For example, the Medical Compassion DTS will cover specifics having to do with providing medical care in isolated communities within developing nations, and what compassion might look like in those kind of environments.
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Below is an overview of what could be covered in our weekly streams:

1. Introduction to Developing World Health
◦ Biblical basis of medical missions / Marine Reach vision
◦ How illness affects poverty
◦ Where we come in and can make a difference
◦ Biblical view of bringing aid and compassion to the world

2. Compassion
◦ Biblical basis for compassion through the life of Jesus
◦ God's heartbeat for the people we care for
Practicum: Tangible ways students can show compassion

3. Patient Assessment
◦ History Taking
◦ Taking blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate
Practicum: Practicing vitals

4. Health Education in context of Community Transformation
◦ What is community transformation?
◦ Prevention e.g. hygiene and sanitation
◦ How to prepare a Health education Session e.g. Tooth brushing, hand washing
◦ Why do we do Health Education? Why is it important?
◦ Who determines your health? (poverty, lack of access etc)
Practicum: Prepare Health Education Session

5. First Aid Certification*/ How to approach an accident
◦ Basic First aid
◦ Splinting
◦ How to approach an accident
Practicum: Mock scenario of accident/Demonstrating skills of CPR

6. Wound Care
◦ Cleaning, management
◦ Burns
◦ Ulcers
◦ Discussing supernatural healing and biblical basis
Practicum: Hands on Cleaning and managing of wounds

7. Paediatrics
◦ Stages of Childhood development
◦ Discussion of identity and value of life
◦ Identifying malnutrition
Practicum: Identifying stages of development through scenarios

8. Diagnosis of skin, respiratory, tropical, and chronic diseases
◦ Identifying skin infections
◦ Identifying respiratory infections
◦ Understanding different tropical diseases
◦ Identifying symptoms of chronic diseases
Practicum: Identify symptoms and treatment of diseases through scenarios

9. Antenatal
◦ Stages of pregnancy
◦ Development of unborn baby
◦ Stages of childbirth
◦ Delivery procedure/breastfeeding
◦ Signs and symptoms of complications
Practicum: Child delivery with mannequins

10. Optometry
◦ Anatomy of the eye
◦ Reading glasses
◦ Visual acuity
Practicum: Practice prescribing reading glasses and testing visual acuity

11. Repeat Practicums -- Medical DTS staff
◦ Reading glasses/ Visual Acuity
◦ Vital signs test
◦ Cleaning and bandaging a wound

*First Aid Certification through accredited organisation e.g. St. John's, Red Cross, etc.

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