The Power of a Testimony

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Our stories are the secrets of who we are. They are beneath the normal level of conversation, buried deep within ourselves.

In the first week of DTS, we are encouraged to share our life stories – the joys, pains, deep wounds, nothing left out. Not in smaller groups, not in gender mixed groups but everyone together; people sharing their life, pouring out their life story in front of our new family collective. After each person finished telling their life story, their wounds before us – the whole group are encouraged to get into pairs and pray for whoever was sharing. We would prayer for restoration, life, chains to be broken and healing! It seems that this week we have prayed more this week than ever before! The amazing thing is that prayers was contagious! The first two days of praying and life stories seemed tiring, but after day three – that transient feeling seems to pass and praying becomes easier – we feel the impact and power it has on the individual. To be able to be pray passionately into someone’s life at such a crucial and vulnerable time in their walk is such an honour! Each prayer is part of a greater purpose and story, it’s influential!


Listening to people’s story have taught me something pretty simple. Everyone has one. Also, the number and severity of wounds in people’s lives are greater than I would have imagined, and this is a group of Christians. The reality of a fallen world has never been more evident. However within a few minutes of wounds being exposed – a person can begin their journey of healing and restoration.


The power of sharing stories is phenomenal. Having an intentional and purposeful heart to take time and listen is powerful. Vulnerability equates to bravery and speaks louder in the Spirit than we think! It builds a foundation of love and unity beyond what can be expressed! In knowing each others’ wounds, and still choosing to love unconditionally – it reveals an important part of the Fathers heart that we can carry as children of God. Once friends realise that they don’t have to wear a mask or be someone they aren’t, breakthrough and freedom are found!

There are many risks to sharing about your life. However, it’s only when we bite the bullet and do it that great healing and restoration can begin – the old self can truly die and a new Christ like form can take shape.

A Word From Marine Reach

Marine Reach was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand. Since its inception we have had over 900 international students attend our DTS courses, taking God's love and healing to the nations. Marine Reach has served over 300,000 in the Asia Pacific regions, and hopes to reach our goal of 1 million people served by 2020 through our ships, volunteers, students and partner ministries.

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