Trails of Transformation DTS

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Trails of Transformation DTS
Port Vila, Vanuatu


Would you believe that the transformation of an entire nation starts with the heart of just one person? Imagine having the opportunity to spark that very kind of transformation among a people. The Trails of Transformation DTS is that opportunity. In this unique and dynamic DTS, Marine Reach and V2 LIFE offer you the choice between two Trails that have ONE destination: the transformation that comes only by KNOWING Jesus Christ.


Lecture phase will take place at the Marine Reach Family Care Centre, located about 20 minutes outside the capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila in the tropical Teouma Valley. Each morning you will meet with those in your Trail to gain practical experience about how to reach people through the specification of your chosen Trail. The afternoons will be when you have your Discipleship Training School (DTS) Lectures, with both Trails together. Topics for your afternoon Lectures will include topics like: Hearing God’s Voice, Evangelism, Holy Spirit, and Father Heart of God.


Whether you’re in a beautiful, state of the art building or a thatched hut, the work of a teacher goes far beyond the classroom. Walking down the trail, Beyond the Classroom will teach you the skills needed to be able to manage you’re own class while creating a space of encounter with the Father. When education and identity come together, transformation is inevitable.

If you choose to follow the Beyond the Classroom Trail, two to four mornings a week you will be in a classroom (K-4) at our local Christian school under the direction of a qualified, experienced teacher. You will be learning how to teach effectively across cultural lines, useful educational games, and will take a two week certified course where you will learn how to teach others to read English. Whether you are a trained teacher already or wanting to become one, this Trail is for you! See the Curriculum section below for more information on what the morning sessions will cover.

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Over 7,000 people groups have never heard the Gospel. The Frontier Missions Trail is your path to learning how to engage in the daily lifestyle of evangelism through service. By meeting the needs of a people, you have a door into their world. By getting your hands dirty, you have a way into their hearts; side by side, you establish trust.

Along the Frontier Missions Trail, you will be spending your mornings learning about effective ways to integrate yourself into a community through practical skills and ways to build up the community. These topics include alternative construction, clean water technologies, teaching English, and food security. This Trail is your path for beginning a life long career in missions, which is always full of adventure! See the Curriculum section below for more information on what the morning sessions will cover. Visit for more information.

Frontier Missions


Outreach is your opportunity to take everything you learn over the first three months of your DTS and apply it out in the mission field. Your outreach will be focused around the contents of your Trail: Beyond the Classroom‘s focus area are the islands of Vanuatu and possibly the neighboring island nations, while the focus area of Frontier Missions is Southeast Asia.
Outreach Costs vary by location.


You must be able to read, speak, and write English.
Beyond the Classroom Trail requires a Police Background clearance.



1. Understanding a Biblical Perspective of Education
2. The responsibilities of a teacher and God’s heart for children. Putting God’s truth into a cultural context.
3. How to create and manage a learning environment and prepare lessons.
4. Child development, learning styles, and character development
5. Teaching how to read English – first week of intensive.
6. Second week of intensive
7. Creative learning – learning how to use drama, songs, and art, in a creative way.
8. The health and safety of a child – dental hygiene, “Keep Safe” programme, washing hands and bathing, and how to lead a child to Jesus
9. Guest Speaker: Jeannie Mears – Loving and teaching children with special needs.
10. How to access basic needs in children
11. Debrief on lecture phase – preparing for outreach


1. Unreached People Groups
2. Omega Zones
3. Joshua Project
4. Holistic Community Development
5. Community Water Technology
6. Sustainable Farming
7. Biogas for cooking
8. Alternative Construction


Due to the difficulty in sending funds to Vanuatu, we are asking that fees for schools in Vanuatu be paid through the following three ways:

1. Wire Transfer to our USA Office:

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2. Bring a credit card and take out a cash advance in Vanuatu. This is relatively easy to do.

3. Bring cash.

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