We’re going to Hollywood!

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Hey everyone, Emily here! I lead the Prayer & Passion DTS here at Marine Reach and we are only about two weeks away from hopping on a plane bound for Los Angeles, California! My team and I are SO excited to be heading to Hollywood for seven weeks! As the rest of the DTS outreach teams are heading off to Vanuatu, it may seem a little strange that we’re going so far away from the Pacific! So I just wanted to take the opportunity to give a little bit of background to how this all came about!


I actually did the Prayer & Passion DTS back in January 2015 and I will never forget the night that our outreach leaders told us our location. The other teams were heading to different places throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Our team however was given quite a shocking answer: Hollywood. There were three of us students on the team who were American and you can imagine the thoughts running through our mind as we realized we weren’t going to some foreign nation, we were going home. But let me just say that when the day came for our team to leave to Hollywood after an amazing seven weeks, there were many tearful goodbyes.


The Lord so moved in each one of our hearts and really gave us His heart for the city of Hollywood. We spent our days helping out at kids ministries, prayer walking in various studios, serving meals to the homeless, attending Bible study with actors, writers, producers, etc. But my favorite part was the hours we spent walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard talking with and building relationship with the people. Whether they be working in the coffee shops, homeless, security guards, or scientologists, we made friends and encouraged them! People crave the same thing: they just want to be seen and they want to be loved. I didn’t realize until after I left Hollywood how much of a heart I actually did have for it. I found myself missing the time I spent there and praying for a continued release of God’s love and presence there!


Over the past year and half the Lord has continued to grow my love for my nation as well as the city of Hollywood. I began asking God every now and then if I could return and when that might be. It was only a distant hope or dream that I could take an outreach back. A couple of months ago I sat down with our DTS director who asked me if I thought I’d ever lead a team back. There was so much excitement as I began praying and receiving confirmation that in fact, this was the season to return! I count it as such a blessing and a privilege to return and continue pouring out the love of the Father!


We have spent a lot of time praying into what outreach is going to look like and simply asking God for His heart for the people, the city, and the nation. Our time in Hollywood will spent joining other ministries, helping with various outreaches, serving meals to the homeless, joining with local houses of prayer, partnering with churches in the area, and sharing Jesus with people simply by building relationship with them. Will you join us in praying for the city of Hollywood as we go to carry out this age old mandate: let there be light.

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