Marine Reach Ministries In Vanuatu

The Regional Training and Medical Centre
Train, Empower, Equip and Send

YWAM Marine Reach Vanuatu Regional Training and Medical Centre

The Regional Training and Medical Centre is under construction!
Late last year a generous donation was given by two incredible families towards the construction of the last two buildings of the Regional Training and Medical Centre (RTMC) in the beautiful Teouma Valley – about a twenty minute drive from Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. These buildings, combined with the Family Care Centre, will be “home” to various ministries especially targeting women and children, whose lives are often traumatized by abuse. We call it the Regional Training and Medical Centre, and are thrilled about the potential for transformation!

YWAM Marine Reach Vanuatu Regional Training and Medical Centre

One of the greatest needs in the community is for medical and dental care. Our clinic is already in operation and the dental office/surgery is being renovated and equipped. The main building has a specially designed lab to work in conjunction with the clinic in diagnosing illnesses common to the region. Already women who are being treated are feeling loved and cared for!

Three main courses will be offered starting 2018 – Introduction to Primary Health Care, Diagnostic LabTraining and Teacher Training in conjunction with seminars on Developmental Leadership. We are developing these courses in such a way that the graduates will “multiply” what they have learned throughout the nation. This should bring a huge impact to Vanuatu!

We are currently seeking sponsors for Ni-Vanuatu students, especially women, who cannot afford this kind of education. The cost of $1000 USD per month covers tuition, room and board and other classroom expenses. Please Donate Now to help sponsor a student to receive this transformational training!

The Family Care Centre

Located on site, in the beautiful Teouma Valley is the newly built Family Care Centre (FCC). This building is just the first phase for a much larger vision incorporating the rest of the RTMC. The FCC is a multi-purpose building as it houses our staff, provides hospitality for short term DTS teams, is a hub for community education, development, and fellowship, and also has a permanent Primary Health Care Clinic staffed by volunteer medical professionals from around the world. Watch the video below for more information!

There is a strong emphasis on women and children as a means to begin to address the all too rampant issues of domestic and sexual abuse found across Vanuatu. Though our main function is to provide primary health care and education to all who come to our clinic, we also long to go deeper and care for emotional and social pain as well.

YWAM Marine Reach Vanuatu Regional Training and Medical Centre

Our vision is to see every person as Christ sees them, not just as an individual but also as part of a larger family and community. We seek to radically love all who we encounter and show them that the Holy Spirit can come and begin a healing process that goes to the deepest hurts that medicine cannot reach.

Though we have just opened this clinic at the beginning of 2016, we have already run additional mobile clinics in nearby villages on the main island of Efate. We also have plans to start short term medical outreaches to the outer islands of Vanuatu. As the FCC develops and grows, we do not want to become segregated from the local community, but will always seek to come in a place of humility to learn from, serve, and work alongside the Ni-Vanuatu people. Services and programs offered will change and develop as we learn the felt needs of the communities around us and gain more staff, but they will always come back to the desire for all to be transformed by personal revelation and encounter with the love and power of God.

YWAM Marine Reach Vanuatu Regional Training and Medical Centre

For more information on what has been happening at the Family Care Centre, and what our staff plan to be doing for the FCC and the wider communities, please follow the link below to their blog page, or visit the FCC Facebook page. This is where you will find moving stories, recent pictures, and further information on our staff and the work they are involved with.

Nurse for the Nivans                        FCC on Facebook

We are always looking for more volunteers, even if you aren’t a medical professional! If you have a heart for the South Pacific, and would like to serve alongside us, give financially, or just find out more about what we are doing— please feel free to send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

Grace House Vanuatu


“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” Mtt 25:34-40

Grace House, is a hospitality house operated by staff of Marine Reach, in this location we host Out Reach teams when they come to ministry in Port Vila and other islands around Vanuatu. Our mission as part of the YWAM movement is “To Know God and Make Him Known” especially through hospitality, being a place of Grace, Love, Joy, Comfort and Peace.


Teams From Marine Reach January DTS

On April 16th we got 34 guests at Grace House. We have since seen several teams come and go, and then return again. We will have teams pretty consistently all the way through July this year. It is quite a struggle with so few staff, but God has a plan, and works things out in accordance with that plan. Please see the prayer requests at the bottom of this page for ways to participate with us in our ministry in Grace House  Vanuatu.

Our staff:


Mary  is from Ohio in the USA, and currently oversees all functions of Grace House. Including all guest bookings, as well as keeping the house and grounds functioning for those teams, and guests.

The staff of Grace House Vanuatu strive to demonstrate an hospitable family environment to those who will travel around the world to seek to do God’s work in this Island Nation of Vanuatu. They strive to work together as a demonstration of how a true family supports and assists each other in the many and various aspects of running a Home.

 Please Pray:

Pray for the Government: as it seems to be in a constant state of change, and the corruption often found within developing nations. Pray that there will be Godly leaders who can demonstrate how to Value people, and who can lead this nation with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For the People: many have such a warped view of family, fatherhood, and the value of each of God’s children, that they have a difficult time understanding God’s love.

Pray for Grace House: as we have very limited staff, and quite a few teams scheduled for this year. As we prepare for the teams and individuals who will come to stay with us. Pray that we can find the moments of ministry with those we interact with here in Vanuatu. Pray that Grace House can be a self sustaining Ministry.

Pray for the Grace House Staff: Pray for more staff for Vanuatu. Pray for the finances of the staff and for Grace House. Pray that we can recognize and make use of our interactions with the people we know and meet locally.

If you are interested, or know a group that may be interested, in coming to Vanuatu to participate in ministry you can contact us at the below email address and we will be happy to send you information on opportunities in the area.

 To view more pictures and keep up to date on the things happening with Grace House Vanuatu please “Like” our Facebook page at the link below.

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